Tapas and disappointment

Well, 11/135 days and its abort to Barcelona 2k16 mission. What an absolute pisser. This is not exactly the way that I imagined my semester abroad to go and I am now in quite a pickle.

Last Monday we skipped to our university in Barcelona with the golden sun shining down on us, we were feeling on top of the world. We had been in the city for a couple of days already and spent the majority of the days walking around wide eyed with out mouths open whilst repeatedly saying ‘I can’t believe we live here’ and ‘this doesn’t feel real’. We later found out on that fatal Monday afternoon why it didn’t feel real… it didn’t because it actually wasn’t.

We stepped off the metro at our stop beaming with excitement and exclaimed ‘this is the first day of our Spanish tapas lives!!!’ HOWEVER, little did we know our dreams of becoming tanned tapas eating Spanish senoritas was about to come crashing down. We headed to the mobility office to enrol because we were shiny new students. We asked if our modules were in English, just to be sure and she said yes and all was fine and dandy. But low and behold a couple of hours later we were left with one English class and two in Spanish, how fantastic.

We tried for the majority of the week to swap or change but they were having none of it. Sheffield University have been brilliant and tried to come to some sort of arrangement with the Barcelona University, but they were having none of it. I have never been so disappointed in the education system, something that should not really occur today. It baffles me how I am even in this mess and how incompetent the Barcelona university has been, considering they are meant to be one of the best in Europe.

So, after just about a year of waiting to move to Barcelona I am having to return, I can’t begin to explain how gutted I am, but I am trying to look on the bright side as always. I thought I would make a list of positivity out of this situation:

  • being able to drink tap water without having a disgusting taste in my mouth
  • being with friends and family more
  • pizza is cheaper
  • I can see my dog more
  • I won’t miss peoples birthdays
  • no mosquitos
  • people are friendlier up north
  • I know what meat I am buying in the supermarket so it won’t turn out to be Spanish dog or something
  • I can call people without it costing a bomb
  • I can go to Parklife
  • I won’t miss any good nights out in Sheffield
  • I can go on holiday with my mum and brother
  • I can understand what people are saying

They do say with every cloud is a silver lining. Although I am homeless in Sheffield, have wasted ridiculous amounts of time/money/effort and have to catch up on things missed at University, I do think the whole situation is so bad that it is actually funny. I guess this is the best way to look at it. At least I have crammed in a lot of stuff whilst here in Barcelona, but I am still massively gutted all the same. I think any normal person would be in a huge state of panic at the moment but I feel surprisingly calm. I can take a lot of reassurance in that we did everything we could to stay, so at least we tried.

I have definitely made the most of a bad situation and have managed to see all the sites, make friends, have a party, go out, learn a bit of Spanish, eat churros, tapas and even row a boat (yes really). I have met so many lovely people and everything here is perfect, apart from University, which is stupid really because that is the only reason we are here. I find it hilarious when people say they love my accent and somehow it has been referred to as ‘you sound like you’re off Love Actually, like the STRAAAWWWWW scene’ and ‘wow you sound like you should be in Pride and Prejudice’. If only you could see what the UK is really like.

So, here are a few pictures to show how we have made the most of a bad situation. Enjoy.






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