Street style @ LFW

Not only is London Fashion Week known for its famous designers showcasing work, helping new designers get noticed and keeping the fashion industry vibrant and fresh, it is also widely known for its street style.

Every possible combination of style was seen at London Fashion Week on Friday. Anything from smart suits teamed with scuffed trainers to over the top outfits closer to fancy dress than anything else, could be seen within the vibrant streets of London city.



It wasn’t just the clothes catching my eye- many fashionistas had also experimented greatly with their hair and make up too. One trend I spotted time and time again was silver hair, which is very big for this coming season. Personally, Silver hair isn’t for everyone, however when it is pulled of right, it can look so on point. An example of this was one girl I spotted with a slick blunt bob cut with a gorgeous silver tint. She balanced this perfectly with an oversized customised leather jacket, which counteracted the soft hair colour perfectly and she looked amazing. High pony-tails were also a popular option for fashion week, whether just for ease or intended to convey a more polished look.




My favourite look I spotted at London Fashion Week was in fact worn by one of the workers who were trying very hard to organize a bunch of hot and flustered fashion divas, which sounds like a very hard job. She wore a grey baggy jumpsuit, in the style of a typical suit trouser, and teamed this with a pair of COMME des GARÇONS high top black converses. Although her outfit was very much on the smart side, she toned this down by piling her hair up for a more relaxed look and the converses gave it a casual edge. All these factors together created my favourite outfit of the day, and will definitely be something that I will recreate myself for day to day.

This relates to one of the main trends I observed whilst at fashion week, the boiler suit. The boiler suit is one of the most difficult looks to pull off, as you have to get the perfect balance of casual, but not so casual that it looks as though you’ve just finished a shift at a garage. Personally, I love the combination of a black or navy boiler suit with a pair of trainers. However, although I don’t really wear a lot of colour myself, a girl in a bright yellow boiler suit caught my eye at fashion week. It may sound like an odd ensemble, yet it worked perfectly. Her suit was a rain coat type of material, teamed with black Doc Marten boots and a black rucksack, simple yet so effective. Something that can also work well with a plain boiler suit are metallic accessories, such as a beautiful pair of metallic brogues I spotted whilst waiting in line for the next show.



Something I learnt from many people at fashion week is ‘less is more’. One woman took this quite literally and wore a simple black trouser suit and blazer with nothing but bare skin underneath. Now, some of you may be thinking to yourself ‘what reaaaally?’ but this was one of the sexiest outfits I have ever seen. Although she braved the bare, she kept the look elegant and classy with a plain style suit and a casual ponytail, which executed the look perfectly and her risky outfit choice certainly paid off.


Denim was a key theme throughout Friday’s fashion week. During Gyoyuni Kimchoe’s show denim was one of the main focuses due to the inspiration coming from British rebel culture, however this denim craze was also echoed off the catwalk too. Someone had braved the tricky look of double denim, however it worked so well. He wore his denim in a loose fit, which is vital to be able to actually pull this off. The fact that each denim item was of a slightly texture allowed this look to work, especially as he had paired it with dark undertones, black sunglasses and hat. Also this is quite a casual look for fashion week it was definitely one of my favourite looks, which again supports the statement of ‘less is more’.


As I mentioned previously, I am not one for bright colours, however there were two girls that made me doubt myself entirely and confirmed that prints are big this season. The constructed their outfits by including every pattern under the sun. In theory, this should never work, but instead it did, and resulted in two outfits of clashy colourful wonder. One girl matched her bag with a similar coloured beret, which is very in for autumn/winter 15. Although I am not particularly a fan of the beret, it can look very stylish with the right outfit and emits French girl chic.




Fashion week is so much more than just the runway, it is also a place to showcase new up and coming designers. Whilst waiting for my next show, I got talking to a designer based in London who had dressed all four of her friends for fashion week. Her taste was very contemporary and the outfits caused a lot of attention from the press, which is what fashion is all about after all. Each of her models wore a mixture of bells, straps, buckles, pastel colours and even a pair of denim sandals. She said modern art influenced her designs greatly, hence the bold structure and clashing colours.



A key theme throughout fashion week was that charity shopping is a very popular alternative to splashing out on all things designer. When speaking to people about their outfits and inspiration, it was found most common that everyone loves a bargain and finding unique items in charity shops or one of boutiques. Someone who balanced designer and vintage perfectly was a fashion blogger from Nottingham. He created his look with a Charlotte McDonald Blazer, Doc Martens, WYA jumper and blazer pants. He stated that Nottingham is a great place for picking up bargains and one-off items and that he strives to keep a budget whilst shopping. Other bloggers responded with deeper answers when asked to describe their look, such as ‘genderless.’



This is apparent in fashion today, as the two genders are merging and the line between men and women fashion is rapidly decreasing. This is wonderful to see in the fashion industry, that more and more each day it is becoming ok to wear exactly what you desire, because after all, fashion is there to express and make you who you are.


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