LFW: GYOYUNI KIMCHOE Enlightened Rebel S/S 2016

Gyo Yuni Kimchoe are a Korean couple who met in the wonderful place that is New York City. They strive to change the world positively through fashion and their mantra is ‘respect of life and nature.’ The couple are known for broadcasting their voice for sustainable fashion and their Spring Summer 2016 collection highlights the concept of recycling and therefore emphasising everything they and their label stands for. All this combined created their current collection The Enlightened Rebel.

Their collection was inspired by the movement of Buddhist Monks and the British Rebel culture. Buddhist Monks as a source of inspiration for the fashion label was very fitting for their ethics and approaches in the world of fashion. Due to this, a range of fabrics and silhouettes made an appearance down the runway. Buddhism itself is a highly sustainable philosophy in itself, for example Buddhist monks can only wear recycled clothes.

We can see here how the brand got its inspiration from the Buddhist movement, as many of their beliefs intertwine with the brands own stance, therefore illustrating why the line had such a ethnical vibe, shown through various floral patterning, burnt oranges and references made to Buddhism as a whole, such as some cuts of the designs being very similar to that of traditional Buddhist clothing. The Buddhist influence can also be seen through the final phase of the design line, as the designers showcases full length Asian dresses and combining other outfits into this by draping them like the Buddha in cloth.

The other source of inspiration for the line, British Rebel culture, is also a constant theme throughout. This is shown through patchwork, denim, tulle embellishments and studding. These silhouettes were then paired with variations of the Buddhist monk attire, such as Asian style sleeves and collars. Gyo Yuni Kimchoe express the Buddhist free spirit and British Rebels alike from natural motifs found in Buddhist art and paintings, such as waves, clouds and fire. This inspiration is seen through the choice in material colour and the movement it holds, for example frills of blue satin represent breaking waves and the burnt orange Asian style wraps portray fire.

The Spring Summer 2016 line also gives a strong voice to recycling, as many designs were accompanied by bags filled with plastic bottles peeping over the top of the bag in order to raise awareness of the importance of recycling in order to protect the environment. The whole line represents the importance of peace and tranquillity with a harsh rebel twist.





















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