5 reasons why Lisa Simpson is the best role model EVER

Lisa Simpson is the only role model you will ever need, seriously.

As a kid I would watch The Simpsons religiously every night after tea and idolise the yellow spikey headed girl on my tv more and more. She was always treated as an outsider and often perceived as the ‘uncool’ girl in school, but she never let this get in the way of being herself.

Recently, I read an article about a mother and daughter both forking out millions of dollars to look identical to Katie Price. WHY? For some reason people within society idolise to be something else and will do whatever it takes to completely morph themselves into a plastic surgery overload.

So, this inspired me to write a blog post on why Lisa Simpson is the only role model we need.

  1. She reads: This may seem like a ridiculous reason to idolise someone to some people because of course everyone reads, duh. But Lisa properly reads. What I mean by this is she actually reads books and enjoys it, who’d have thought it? It saddens me how little people read actual books anymore, due to psychical books are being replaced by technology. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to turn the page of an epic novel because you’re so desperate to find out what happens next or you find yourself gripping the pages of a book where someone is pouring their heart out right in front of your eyes. Lisa demonstrates how important reading is to widen your perspective, spark debate and appreciate the beauty of words. Lisa is the ultimate role model because of this, basically we should aim to read more.Credit- Tumblr
  2. She is comfortable in her own skin: Ok this is a big one. Lately I have read too much about people being too skinny or too fat or are heavily criticised for not being what society wants. Well fuck society and I think Lisa would agree too. She’s the perfect role model as she is happy being herself with her little pearls and dress. She doesn’t give a toss if people don’t like it or what society thinks of her size because she’s happy just how she is. This is something we could all learn from Lisa Simpson- self acceptance and the acceptance of others.Credit- Tumblr
  3. She is a strong jazz enthusiast: Perhaps this isn’t a real reason but this is one of the reasons why I personally idolise Lisa Simpson so greatly, she loves jazz music. When I was little I really wanted to learn the saxophone just like Lisa, but this was too costly and I ended up learning the violin instead, which ended pretty much how you would imagine, very very badly. I would spend most evenings in the kitchen being shouted at by my family to ‘make the torture stop.’ Basically, this point appreciates her passion, something that can sadly lack in society as we get too wrapped up in other expectations.d1452047fe22362f3865b53850159241
  4. She is the ultimate realist: This is probably the main reason why Lisa Simpson should be your ultimate role model- her real approach to life. Even though she’s one of the youngest characters in the show, she was always the one sorting everyone else’s shit out. She’d approach a problem and think of the logical solution. She didn’t get bogged down by petty problems, she saw the bigger picture in life and appreciated that people always had it worse. Her compassion and realism is something that gives her an amazing approach to problems, worries or just life in general. This attitude is something everyone could adapt and I seriously think we’d have less drama in the world. Lisa teaches us that there is always a worse problem and that life goes on. Shit happens. tumblr_muuat0VSfw1rns0quo1_500
  5. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind: A constant theme throughout the show, Lisa getting into some sort of predicament due to her causing a stir in society because she’s spoken the realness. She’s a proud veggie, buddhist, feminist and doesn’t hold back with political debate. No matter what the consequences, if she truly believed in something and was filled to the brim with passion, she’d go to any length to voice her opinion. Now, I’m not saying we should all venture to Speakers Corner in the our capital city and shout endlessly at passers by, but we should be proud of our opinions and beliefs and actually stand by them, just like Lisa the little yellow ball of wonderful sass.


(All photo credit to Tumblr).


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