Vogue has made me realise something

Recently I received a very special gift from someone really important to me- a copy of Vogue from my birth year in September 1995. This is now one of my most prize possessions. 

Whilst flicking through the pages I can’t help but notice how much things have changed only in the space of around 20 years, which isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. In terms of focus, style and trends the magazine couldn’t be more different. This is obviously a positive thing, as that is what fashion is all about- constantly changing and evolving.

Something that hasn’t really changed though, is the 1995 copy is so similar in regard to empowering women as it does today, which really really pleased me. So often we see women being down graded throughout the media and it is frankly a disgusting joke. This isn’t me just being a feminist, (which is given a bad name these days as people seem to think feminism is hating men and having hairy armpits), it’s me just appreciating my womanhood, which I am entitled to. Feminism has been negatively labelled recently, and society has seems to have forgotten what those women stood for. Feminism isn’t about kicking off if someone calls you a ‘slag’ it’s about fighting for equal rights. Something that angers me greatly is that a few girls I know didn’t vote in the General Election yesterday. This makes me sick and is appalling- but thats another story. 

Reading the 1995 copy of Vogue has made me realise how little outlets we have available for empowered women. Yes there are a few, but in comparison to the other magazines which are filled with gender stereotypical trivia, it’s next to none. I absolutely love the Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, who started her role in 1988. She is one of my role models, as she is strong and independent and broadcasts through herself exactly what Vogue stands for. 

It is brilliant to see how Vogue maintains it’s career driven focus of women and how it empowers it’s readers to be strong and successful. This is something I don’t think we see enough of in the media today, instead we are lambasted with page 3 trash and ‘who slept with who’ shenanigans- is this really even news?

Instead of seeing broadcasts and tabloids filled with women and their recent achievements, we are forced to put up with the same old dribble. For example, in regard to Emma Watson, when she made her heart felt speech at the European Union whilst launching her ‘He For She’ campaign, the only things covered in the media were how she looked. They failed to mention what she was striving for and how she wants to achieve gender equality- this is failure to mention the actual campaign is pretty disgraceful if you ask me. 

Another example is Kate Middleton recently giving birth to the second Royal baby. Instead of fully congratulating her, some tabloid newspapers just seemed to acknowledge the fact that it was impossible for her to look that great after giving birth and that it is ‘unfair’ for her to get that privilege whilst giving birth. IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE? Priorities here are dismal, it’s not about what you look like, it’s about milestones and achievement. In this case, priority is all wrong. What’s really important here, the birth of a Royal family member or an outfit? 

Inside my 1995 issue however, are articles such as successful women and their stories. We need to see more of this in today’s magazine world.

I think there needs to be more empowering magazines for women, like Vogue, and less of the tabloid nonsense we see today that apparently counts as ‘news’. As a women myself, I want to see more on successful women and their stories rather than how to get ‘bikini ready’ or various sex scandals. Rant over. 

Vogue September 1995
Vogue September 1995

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