Remember Remember, the start of September…

September. The month where we start to say goodbye to summer and hello to the Autumn, which just so happens to be my favourite season! I love watching the green fade to shades of brown and burnt orange and everyone slowly becoming more wrapped up in winter clothes as the days go by…

Another reason why I love September so much, it’s my birthday at the start of the month, making me a classic Virgo, an annoying perfectionist, which can have its advantages, because it means I don’t let things go unless I have them exactly how I want them, others could see this as an annoying trait! To celebrate my birthday, the weekend just gone, me and my best friends had a crazy weekend away in the wonderful city of Bristol! Bristol is one of my favourite cities, I love how creative it is, and no matter how many times you visit, you know that when you go back, there is ALWAYS something else in store for you. From the moment we set off on our road trip, we were in hysterics. That’s what I love about my friends, I laugh at absolutely everything when I am with them, and my ab muscles actually hurt once I’ve spent some time with them, that’s how much a laugh! We listened to all our favourite tunes, even including some hymns which again, had me in hysterics. Our versions of ‘oh Happy Day’ was interesting to say the least. We got lost once or twice, and my friend even ended up driving in the bus lane and we all thought we were going to die, but hey, thats part of the road trip, right? We checked in at the hotel and headed right back out again to explore the wonderful streets of Bristol. We spent most of our shopping time in the cute individual vintage shops, rather than the high street ones. This was like a breath of fresh air for me, as where I live we don’t really have many vintage charity shops, which is annoying as I love browsing in them and finding little treasures! We then stopped for some food at a place I can only describe as a Food Disneyland. For those who have been to Bristol, you’ll know this as ZaZa Bazaars! It’s like no where I have ever been before, it’s built up of dozens of food stands from different countries, and you go and choose what you want. I’d urge anyone to pay it a visit if you’re in the area! We then headed back and got ready and celebrated my birthday in style, we headed to Lakota, and the less I say about that night the better, because it was a very eventful night to say the least…

On my actual birthday, yesterday, I spent the day shopping with mum, and bought a gorgeous fluffy coat ready for the winter in freezing Sheffield! We then headed to Chimichangas, a tex mex restaurant in town which I love, and I had happy birthday sung to me, complete with a birthday cake and a birthday sombrero. It may of been a little embarrassing, but at the end of the day, who really cares? As I looked around me, under the many sombreros, I saw the faces of the most important people in my life, my family, all in one place. In that moment I realised that I am truly very lucky, to have such a wonderful strong family unit. Even though the most amazing person I’ve known, my dad, wasn’t there, I still felt truly blessed I have these people in my life. We then headed over the road to Zizzi’s, and had a lovely birthday meal, which ended up in me actually having to un-button my jeans because I had eaten that much, but alas, it was my birthday, so I’m going to use that as an excuse for my greedy behaviour. As we’d finished, my best friends eleven year old sister, who is practically my sister, stood up in front of us all, and read out a poem that my auntie had written about me for my birthday. I was so overwhelmed by this, and that was honestly the nicest most thoughtful thing that anyone has ever done for me. It’s stuff like that which makes you realise what’s important, and its the small thoughtful gestures that require little money, over the big flash presents, because what is really there with you at the end of the day?

And then we come to today. 11th September, or 9/11 to most. 13 years ago the tragedy happened, and its still remembered and respected today. I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York twice now, and even more lucky to have visited Ground Zero, the memorial site, both before and after construction. It takes a lot to leave me speechless because I am such a talker, but this really took my breath away. You can sense the loss and heart ache in the air, and it’s enough to make you burst into floods of tears. I can’t even imagine what that fateful day was like, and what each day that has followed is like living in the shadow of the loss, my thoughts and prayers are always with them, especially today.

I wonder what the rest of the month has in store? I move to university in 9 days, so I’m excited to see what the next chapter has in store. 


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