A Month Of Excitement…

So… it is official, I got my A Level grades I needed to gain myself a place at the University of Sheffield on the Journalism Studies course, and I couldn’t be any more proud of myself. I worked so hard at college, and it really is true what they say, hard work really does pay off if you want something enough! The journalism course at Sheffield is the best in the country, it is triple accredited by all awarding bodies and is known for its prestigious status of success… and I have a place, yay! I am literally counting down the days until I move for uni,22 days and counting! The only downside to this course is learning shorthand, however it is vital for any aspiring journalist so I just need to power through. It is also my birthday 10 days before I leave for uni, which is also really exciting! It seems like perfect timing really, because I can see all my friends and do one last thing together before we all go our separate ways, however I will definitely be keeping in touch. My friends and I are off to Bristol for the weekend for my birthday, so a Bristol

3 years from now!
3 years from now!

 post will follow about everything we get up to and where we’ve been!  


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