Holiday Adventures

whilst sat in pathos airport, I thought it would be the perfect time for a blog post! I love airports, I find them so exciting as everyone is going to new places and on new adventures. What’s not to love?

The past week has been a great adventure, and the fact it’s been 34 degrees all week has given me a lovely holiday glow. Pathos is beautiful, with it’s ancient tombs and attractions full of Greek mythology, it’s such an interesting place. The local people are so friendly, and do everything in their power to make you feel welcome. A couple of nights, we went down to the harbour and ate at the famous ‘Theo’s’ restaurant, serving every possible sea food imaginable. I went for the sea food MEZE, which was amazing and I was served every type of fish- octopus, squid, tuna, prawns, mussels EVERYTHING! It was amazing, if you’re ever in the local area I’d highly recommend!

Then there was the beautiful scenery, the classic Greek buildings painted white and blue, and of course- the sea. Coral bay was beautiful, and I was lucky enough to go para gliding there. It was on another level, it was unlike anything else I had ever experience, it was great to see the island from above and look out to sea and feel so free, it was a truly magical experience. I also went snorkelling by a ship wreck which was extremely scar but equally as amazing: the coral life had taken over the wreck and fish had made what once was the captains quarters, their home.

Being a lover of fashion, I also managed to squeeze in an avid shopping trip, where I made a few purchases in my favourite store Zara! I bought a gorgeous pair or Chelsea boots and a navy mac for the winter, I’ll follow this post up with a separate post about my purchases!

Whilst sitting here in the airport and looking up at the flight board I wonder where my next adventure will be, I’ve always fancied New York City on New Years, watching the famous ball drop in Times Square would be out of this world… IMG_4412.JPGIMG_4357.JPG







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