21st birthday celebrations and the hay festival!

Hay Festival this year held various events that took my fancy…

As an aspiring journalist, I was so pleased to discover that the hay festival were holding an event titled ‘How to break into the media’. The event included speakers from the industry and also talent scouts, who were so inspiring and helpful, as they showed what you need to prove, in order to impress and be memorable and therefore make it in the industry, as it is unbelievably competitive so you really do need to stand out! I received and information pack and leaflet with tips and hints into going that step further- it was so inspiring, it made me really want to progress and chase my dream.

Many of you wont know this, but I actually work for the Rural media company, which is based in Herefordshire, as a researcher. Currently, i am working on a research project, involving investigating whether it would be beneficial to run a media skills training scheme for Romanian gypsies.  The hay festival held an event related to this, with guest speakers Damian Le Bas and Katherine Quarnby, who discussed the matter. This was very beneficial for my research project, as Damian is the editor of the magazine my findings will be published in, the Travellers Times, so it was fantastic to finally meet him!

Last but by no means least, the last event was the Rural Media company’s 21st Birthday party, to which a received an exclusive invitation! The venue was the Summer House, which is a small intimate room, which is draped in white cloth and a big beautiful chandelier hangs in the centre of the ceiling. We received a beautiful buffet, and there was plenty of champagne and wine to go around! It was a perfect opportunity for networking, and I got the chance to speak with various journalists, with whom I shared my hopes and aspirations to which they replied with their wisdom and past experiences. Nic millington, the CEO of Rural Media, then did a heart warming speech and cut the cake. This was a chance not only to reflect on the past achievements of the company, but also the future. I also reflected on my own future, and how much I want to make my dream of being a journalist a reality, as my grandmother always told me ‘if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough’. 


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