London Love

The first weekend of June, and what better way to spend it in London? As a lover of culture, fashion and general city life, I couldn’t think of any better way to spend a sunny weekend than soaking up the sights, embracing culture and of course, shopping!

Arriving in Paddington, I was already fully amerced in the buzz of the city. I love how vibrant cities are, and the fact that there is always something going on, it makes you feel alive.It was only a short walk to the Lancaster, just off Hyde Park, where I was staying for the weekend. As soon as I arrive somewhere, I am one of those people who just wants to ditch the suitcase, have a quick freshen up and then head straight back out again… and that’s exactly what I did! 

I ordered a cab to Hard Rock Cafe, where I spent the majority of the evening drinking Cosmopolitans and eating my weight in burgers, onion rings and fries. I ordered the classic burger, and when my food came, I definitely felt like I was in a man vs food scenario, I tried my best, but the burger defeated me. As I had such a busy day planned the following day, I thought it would be wise to head back, so I took a walk back to the hotel, weaving my way through the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

I was up bright and early, and was presented with a beautiful view of Hyde park, with a background peppered of landmarks- the gurkin, shard, big Ben, London eye etc. I headed straight to my favourite place- Oxford Street, obviously top shop! After denting my bank balance, I hopped onto an open top bus and sat back and relaxed while I watched the postcard scenes of London wiz by. One thing I did learn was that Big Ben is not actually called Big Ben, but is in fact named Queen Elizabeth’s Tower. After feeling windswept through the streets of London for a good couple of hours, and meeting a Canadian back packer who told me all about his amazing trip, I headed towards the famous IMAX Cinema…

Armed with a bucket of Cola and the biggest box of popcorn you’d ever see, I walked in, and I seriously felt as though I was inside a modern version of the collosium! I spent the majority of watching ‘the edge of tomorrow’ with my mouth open, it was amazing! It sounds clique, but I felt as though I was actually in the movie!

The next day I went to the Jean Paul exhibition and it was so inspiring, I was mind blown by his work. I then said goodbye to London in my favourite place; Covent Garden. I feel as though there it’s a secret hideaway from the busy streets of London, due to it’s cobbled streets, tiny shops and authentic vibe. None the less, although I was sad to say farewell to one of my favourite cities, I know that there is always more to discover in London, no mater how many times you visit, and that’s why I love it.







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