Jean Paul, experiencing his ‘muse’

Whilst in the hustle and bustle of London City, I booked tickets for the Jean Paul exhibition, as ever since it had launched, is been desperate to go.

I love jean Paul’s work, from the nautical stripes to the world famous cone bra, he is a fashion genius in my eyes, a true fashion icon. So you can imagine my excitement as I trekked across London to the barbican centre, so I could enter the world of Jean Paul, and it was more magical than I ever imagined.

As soon as you walk in, creativity fills all your senses. Neon lights flashing, the sound of Jean Paul himself speaking of his muse, in a wonderful musky French manner. What struck me was, the mannequins actually talk, and tell you little snippets about how that particular outfit came about. I was in awe, in my element in fact, as I love anything that’s remotely to do with fashion.

Hundreds of works of art draped the talking mannequins, including Jean Paul’s most famous piece- the cone bra, on the one and only madonna! However, the first model for Jean Paul’s famous cone bra was his little childhood teddy Nana, who is featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition highlights what a wonderful human being Jean Paul is, on and off the catwalk, and how he finds his muse (his inspiration).

If any of you are in the area, I strongly advise you visit the exhibition, his work is extraordinary, and will be marked in fashion history for years to come, as every piece is as magical and beautifully created as the last.






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